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OTHF Weekly Update

The week flew by. I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.On the Home Front, Prudent Living In case you missed any posts here’s the weekly update!

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I love gathering with family and friends over the holidays. Here are some tips to enjoy a stress free holiday.

Frugal tips, prudent living

Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

Can you believe I now have herbs and vegetables growing in my living room? For the next couple of weeks I will be sharing my experiment with the Garden Tower. The seedlings are planted and I am looking forward to seeing how they do.

gardening, prudent living

Tower Garden® set and ready to go.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and what better way to enjoy your leftover turkey than a nice bowl of Amazing Turkey Soup! This is my favorite recipe that can be used with both turkey and chicken. Have a great weekend.

soup, prudent living

Amazing Turkey Soup

Recipe Box: Amazing Turkey Soup

Thanksgiving is over and one of the best things about Thanksgiving is the leftover turkey! I look forward to making this soup every year. You can also make it with leftover chicken as well. The first step is to make your own broth using the turkey carcass. I usually just cover the carcass with water, add a chopped up onion and a chopped up celery stick and simmer until the carcass is falling apart. Drain the broth, allow to cool. Refrigerate overnight and skim off the fat once cooled.

soup, prudent living

Chill your broth to remove the fat.

Now you are ready to make your soup. This recipe can easily be doubled. Freeze any leftover broth that your don’t use in the recipe.

Beat Every Turkey Soup

3 Tbsp butter
1 celery stick
1 carrot
1 medium onion
1 cup up fennel bulb (optional)
1 ½ cup baby Bella mushrooms
2 cups of turkey broth
1 ½ cups diced cooked turkey
3 Tbsp flour
¼ cup cold water
1 Tbsp tarragon
1 tsp basil
½ tsp rosemary
½ tsp thyme
1 tsp onion salt
1 tsp celery salt
1 ½ cup light cream

In a soup kettle melt butter; sauté celery, carrot, onion, fennel and mushrooms.

soup, prudent living

Saute your vegetables.

Add broth and turkey; simmer for 15 minutes. In a small bowl, mix flour and cold water; add to soup and stir until thickened. Add seasonings.

soup, prudent living


Continue to simmer over low heat adding the light cream just before serving.

soup, prudent living

Amazing Turkey Soup

Serves 6

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Recipe Box: Chicken Marbella

poultry dishes

Cook until done and spoon into a serving platter.

Several years ago we were served this dish at a family dinner. It has a very unusual combination of ingredients and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. Not only is it delicious but the chicken keeps and even improves over several days of refrigeration. It also travels well. The overnight marinating is essential to the moistness of the finished product. I hope you enjoy it as well as I do! The recipe could easily be halved if you are not feeding a large group.

Chicken Marbella

5 pounds of chicken, I used boneless breasts but you can also use boneless thighs
1 head of garlic, peeled and finely pureed
¼ cup dried oregano
Salt and pepper to taste
½ cup red wine vinegar
½ cup olive oil
1 cup pitted prunes
½ cup pitted Spanish green olives
½ cup capers with a bit of juice
6 bay leaves
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup white wine
¼ cup Italian parsley or fresh cilantro, finely chopped

In a large bowl, combine chicken, garlic, oregano, pepper, salt, vinegar, olive oil, prunes, olives, capers and juice and bay leaves.

prudent living, recipe box

Marinade for chicken.

Cover and let marinate, refrigerated, overnight. The next day preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Arrange chicken in a single layer in one or two large, shallow baking pans and spoon marinade over it evenly.


Arrange in baking pan.

Sprinkle chicken pieces with brown sugar and pour white wine around them.

prudent living

Add brown sugar and white wine.

Bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour, basting frequently with pan juices. Cook until chicken is done. With a slotted spoon, transfer chicken, prunes, olives and capers to a serving platter. Moisten with some of the pan juices and sprinkle with parsley or cilantro.

recipe box, prudent living

Chicken Marbella

Serves 10

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Recipe Box: Monster Cookies

I try to make most of my cookies from scratch but this recipe is quick and delicious. In a matter of minutes you can mix up a batch of doubly good cookies using two flavors of easy cookie mix, oats and chocolate candies. They don’t last long in our house!


cookies, recipe box

Cookie Mixes and Oats

Monster Cookies

1 pouch Betty Crocker® chocolate chip cookie mix
1 pouch Betty Crocker® peanut butter cookie mix
1 ½ cups quick cooking oats
1 cup better, softened
3 eggs
2 cups candy-coated milk chocolate candies

Heat your oven to 375 degrees. In a large bowl stir all ingredients together except the candies. When the dough is well-mixed stir in the candies.

On an ungreased cookie sheet place heaping spoonfuls of your cookie dough about 3 inches apart.

cookies, desserts

Place cookie dough on baking sheet.

Bake 12-13 minutes or until light golden brown. Cool for 2 minutes, then remove form the cookie sheet and cool on a wire rack. Cool completely. Store in a covered container at room temperature. These cookies also freeze well.

desserts, prudent living

Monster Cookies

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Prudent Pantry: Cranberry Apple Pear Relish

My supply of apples and pears seems to be endless this year! I was looking for something different to make and found this recipe. Not only did it use apples and pears but I was even able to use up some frozen cranberries I had. It will be perfect to serve with poultry or to serve as an appetizer with crackers and cheese.

Cranberry Apple Pear Relish

3 cups fresh or frozen cranberries
3 cups of apples, cored and diced
2 cups of pears, peeled, cored and diced


Chopped pears and apples.

1 ½ cups golden raisins
2 cups sugar
1 cup of orange juice
2 Tbsp grated orange rind
2 tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp ground nutmeg

prudent pantry

Fresh ground nutmeg.

½ cup orange liqueur (optional)

Combine cranberries, pears, apples, raisins, orange juice and rind, cinnamon and nutmeg in a very large stainless steel pan. Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring frequently. Reduce the heat and boil gently, uncovered for about 25 minutes or until the mixture thickens, stirring occasionally. Remove from the heat and stir in liqueur.

relish, prudent living

Combine pears, apples and cranberries.

Remove hot jars from the canner and ladle relish into the jars, leaving ½ inch headspace. Process for 10 minutes for half pint jars and 15 minutes for pint jars.

Makes about 6 cups.

prudent pantry, prudent living

Cranberry Apple Pear Relish

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Recipe Box: Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Scones

This is the fifth recipe I’ve shared with the Grain Mill Challenge. If you haven’t made scones you should really give it a try. They are so easy and the final result is so tasty! This is a favorite recipe of mine, I use mini chocolate chips but you could also used dried fruit.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Scones

2 cups whole-wheat flour
2 Tbsp sugar
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp salt
½ cup chilled, unsalted butter
¾ cup buttermilk
1 egg yolk (save the white for topping the scone)
½ cup mini chocolate chips (op)

For the topping:
1 egg white
Sparkling sugar

Place the dry ingredients in a large bowl.


Combine dry ingredients.

Cut in the butter with a pastry blender.

scones, prudent living

Add butter to dry ingredients.

Whisk together the buttermilk and egg yolk and stir into the dry mixture until a dough forms.

prudent living, whole wheat

Buttermilk and egg are added.

Transfer the dough to a lightly floured work surface, and gently and quickly knead in the optional chocolate chips.

Pat the dough into a flat disk about 7 inches across and cut into wedges.


Cut into wedges.

Transfer the disk to a parchment lined or slightly greased baking sheet. For crispier scones, separate the wedges; for softer, higher rising scones, leave them in a circle.


Ready for the oven

Brush the tops of the scones with the egg white and sprinkle with sparkling white sugar. Bake them in a preheated 375 degree oven for 25-27 minutes, check halfway through to turn the pan for even coking.

Removed the scones from the oven when they’re light, golden brown and cool them on a wire rack!

whole wheat

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Scones


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